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Morry Hollowell was my first computer illustrator. He did such outstanding work for me that I felt I just had to give him his own gallery section on my site. I was lucky enough to meet Morry through artist friend Dave DeVries who had him in one of his classes at the Joe Kubert School of cartoon and graphic arts. I was telling Dave I was looking for someone to help create fantasy computer art out of some of my existing photographs and he couldn't stop raving about Morry's work. His first assignment was to turn me into the ever-popular Sara from Witchblade. I was knocked out by the creation he did and knew he was exactly the person I was looking for. Morry and I had planned to have more fun turning me into my favorite superheroes, however he has started his new job with Cross Gen Comics in Florida. I am very happy for him. He deserves it. He has left me in the equally talented hands of former roommate Ken Catino. Ken will be one of my new computer illustrators. Look at the great Halloween greeting he did for the site. More exciting computer illustrations coming soon from Ken and others..

Ken Catino

Pulp Fiction #1
Pulp Fiction #2


Dan Drake



Luis A. Ortiz





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