The core inspiration in my life has been the opportunity to model for some of the true icons in the world of fantasy art. Working with brilliant artists such as Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Joe Jusko, The Hildebrandts, Steve Assael, and newcomers Dorian B. Cleavenger , Nelson Decastro, Monte Moore, Jacques Bredy, Albert Slark and Alex Horley fills my days with an intense joy and has given me a strong admiration for these artists.Here in the Fantasy Art area you will see all the paintings that have featured me in the past. I will also be posting new paintings, as they become available. In the coming months you will see many exciting new works by Dorian B. Cleavenger, Joe Jusko, and the Hildebrandts and many of the artists I previously mentioned. Soon you will also get an opportunity to purchase some of the original paintings by these artists. This is a very unique opportunity to own some valuable original works of art.

Many of these artists are on their way to taking their rightful place with great artists such as Vallejo and Bell. It is a great honor to share their talents with my fans. When available, you will be able to view the original sketches or photos that are used to develop the completed painting. This is a truly rare glimpse into the making of these works of art. This will allow you to see just how incredible these artists are by seeing how they create a final painting and a new dimension from a single photo or sketch. They never cease to be amaze me when I see the process from start to finish. It will be my distinct pleasure to share this experience with you.

The Brothers Hildebrandt Gallery
The Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell Gallery
The Dorian Cleavenger Gallery
The Monte Moore Gallery
The RC Harvey Gallery
The Alex Horley Gallery
The Nelson Decastro Gallery
The Joe Jusko Gallery
The Computer Illustrators Gallery
The Heavy Metal Gallery
Lorenzo Sperlonga Gallery
Jef Caudle Gallery
The Dave Nestler Gallery
The Brian Rood Gallery
Spiderweb Art
Dave DeVries
Tom Fleming
Simon Bisley
Greg Hildebrandt
Dany Orizio
Raffa Garres
Holiday Greetings
Robert Brun
Lorenzo Di Mauro
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