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Hey Joe, what's so great about Stacy E. Walker? "Besides the obvious," he begins to laugh (after all, he has dubbed her the "mighty mistress of sweater meat"), "she has great bone structure. Not a typical pretty girl. Strong cheekbones and nose...She has that dominant type of look that's perfect for the genre we work in." Like other artists, Jusko appreciates Stacy E. Walker's work ethic: "Basically, she's one of the most ideal models I' ve ever worked with. Because she's such a big fan of the genre, she can get into the role of any character I want to paint."

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Rough Sketches for the Cover


Me with model Cherif Fortin posing for the cover.
Photos by Fortin and Sanders.

"Blind Date"
The Final Cover Artwork
The Comic Book Cover


Space Pirate

Me and joe at the Pittsburgh Comic Con. The first time I saw the original art for blind date. It is a beautiful unique piece.
Me and Joe at the San Diego Comic Convention.