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Through the love and support of Romantic Times Magazine, I have opened a whole new dimension to my career. In addition to working with all the amazing artists in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, I have been working with top artists developing covers for Romance Novels. I created this section on my site especially for the many women fans that visit daily.

Hopefully, this will also help the cross over of some of my male audience, into a very unique art form as well. I believe that a great many of my fans could learn a lot from these books by using them as reference materials. After all, romance book sales account for more than 60% of total book sales in this country. Not only are they very sexy and erotic, they also provide a real history lesson. Here you will see many of the fantastic models I get to work with. You will also be able to view the beautiful works of art I will appear in.

I am going to show you behind the scenes footage of the development process as well as the before and after pictures. Here, you will get an in-depth look at my work with the creative team of Fortin and Sanders, who are true pioneers in the Romance Field. Their brand of photography and  illustration, coupled with their ability to capture the details, gives them the edge over other artists in their field. Together we are working on some exciting new projects. They have even done a series of fantasy photographs for my member's area. I am very excited about this opportunity to display their unique work online. They have cast me as one of the main characters in the second fully illustrated romance book. This book will feature more than 50 exquisite works of art. Take a sneak peak here in the Romance area.

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