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Author: Kim S. August, interviewer
Source: X-Fan Date: 1/1/2001

Highly in demand as an illustration model, chances are you`ve seen Stacy E. Walker`s form gracing many a fantasy art image. If you haven`t, that will change once you purchase Titans: The Heroic Visions Of Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell.

Walker began her modelling career with Vallejo & Bell, and was thrilled to be a part of their X-Men series of paintings. X-Fan interviewer Kim S. August spoke with Walker recently about her work on Titans and her relationship with Vallejo & Bell.

X-FAN: Which of the Psylocke, Rogue, and Jean Grey paintings in Titans did you pose for?

STACY E. WALKER: "I mostly posed for Rogue. I remember doing the pose on page 130 as it was a very strange position. But to give the illusion of flying through the air I understood it. Boris and Julie tend to combine different photos so that one may be a combination of Julie and I as I see her face there. Sometimes when you take a certain photo the lighting or something is off and they re-shoot them. So that is also possible. I know the one on page 132 is me."

X-FAN: I know you`re a big fan of Witchblade, but how about the X-Men? Which character do you see yourself most as; and/or had the most fun modelling as?

STACY E. WALKER: "It was great to see myself as one of the X-Men. I really enjoy when I get to model for particular comic book characters. It is like having a small acting job and getting to play all these great parts. I see myself the most as Jean Grey. I have always been drawn to characters with red hair. I like that she is an intelligent, strong character who can really kick some ass."

X-FAN: When you pose for Boris & Julie`s art, do they give you a costume, provide background, or just have you pose?

STACY E. WALKER: "When posing for Julie and Boris, they tend to explain the character and the background of the image they want to get. That is when that acting kicks in and I become that character for that shoot. Having a good sense of the character really helps me to give them exactly what they are looking for. They do not work with costumes. I always pose nude. They like to see the body and all it`s lines and curves. The most important thing is getting the right pose with the best light. When you are that brilliant of an illustrator you can put a costume on with your brush. What is underneath is the most important element."

X-FAN: Your favorite X-oriented painting that you posed for?

STACY E. WALKER: "When Julie and Boris first started shooting for this series, it really was my first chance to really get unclose and personal with the characters and learn more about them. I love what I do and posing for any of the X-Men was a true honor."

X-FAN: What`s the best thing about working with Boris & Julie?

STACY E. WALKER: "Working with Boris and Julie was the best thing that ever happened to me. It opened a door to a whole knew world for me. One that I came to love very much. Starting with the master in the industry gave me the best training to become one of the most requested illustration models in the industry. I started at the top and learned from the best. They were also always encouraging me to go after my dreams and really played a key role in showing me how to take what I have and do the most with it. If not for them, I do not know if I would have ever gone down the path that I travel now and I can`t even image my life without it. I owe it all to them and will love them forever for all they have given me."


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