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Meet Victoria Canzonetta - a.k.a "Tori" the Tiger Woman.
I was lucky enough to meet this unique women in a recent trip to South Florida. At the early age of seven she began coming to the rescue of cats at a local humane society. This lead her into extensive education and research of exotic cat breeding in captivity and some of the horrible conditions and futures for these animals. Victoria set her goals to create a save haven for these beautiful creatures and became a "Master" exotic cat trainer making it possible for her get the USDA permit to operate a refuge for the cats. She purchased a six acre facility that includes exotic waterfalls, unusual rock formations and natural swimming pools now know as DESTINY BIG CAT SANCTUARY, INC. I was fortunate enough to visit this exquisite place and she has provided the most beautiful place for the last stop sanctuary for the cats she has rescued from breeders, private collectors and furriers. Victoria is doing amazing work and her sanctuary is a non-profit organization and I urge you all to visit www.destinybigcats.com to read more about her work and make a donation to the organization so she can continue to provide a safe haven for exotic cats in need. I am currently talking with different artists to donate special paintings in the exotic cat genre in an effort to put together an art auction to raise money for Tori and her sanctuary.

Click Here to view additional photos from my visit to the Destiny Big Cat Sanctuary.

The judges for the 10th addition of Spectrum, a book that features the years best contemporary fantastic art, has chosen two paintings I am featured in for Spectrum 10. One by Alex Horley and one by Dave DeVries. Look for the book to be out at the end of the year.

2004 Oscar Surprise
The company sponsoring the "Lord of the Rings" Oscar party needed to make up unique gift baskets for the entire crew including the actors, director Peter Jackson and the staff of New Line Cinema.  They contacted artist TOM FLEMING to request the use his art titled "Monarch" , which features my image,  on greeting cards that would be placed in each basket.  Tom and I were thrilled!  I could not believe one of my images would be infront of the entire staff of the "Lord of the Rings" my favorite movies of all time and best picture of the year!

New Artist Added
Please visit the fantasy art section of my site to view the beautiful new art by renowned pin-up artist Robert Brun.  Robert's work is done in a classic Vargas style and is a fabulous addition to my galleries. I look forward to additional work from Robert in the near future. 

New Artist Added
Visit the fantasy art section of my site to view new pieces from Italian artist Lorenzo DiMauro. I recently met Lorenzo in Rome and his new series is adding a whole new style to the collection of art I have posed for.

More from Tom Fleming
Tom also recently used my image for some cover art for the Marvel Comics series Elektra.  Visit the Tom Fleming gallery in my fantasy art section to view the covers as drawn by Tom.  They were later colored by another artist.  As soon as I get the color images they will also be posted. 

New Cover **ON STANDS NOW**
This will be the cover for the Halloween special of the new Vampirella Magazine arriving on stands this fall. Another great creation from artist Alex Horley!
New Cover **ON STANDS NOW**
Twenty years ago, Michael T. Gilbert unleashed "Mr. Monster" onto the world. In honor of the aniversary, later this year Atomeka Press and Gilbert will bring Mr. Monster back to comic shops in the form of Mr. Monster: Worlds War Two, an all new 48-page one shot. For more information visit www.atomekapress.com.
to see how you can go on a cruise vacation with Stacy and Playmate/Penthouse Pet Victoria Zdrok!

"Pretty Poison"
Fine art Giclee Print From DC Comics And the Clampett Studio Collections


Heavy Metal 2004 Calendar
Heavy Metal has chosen the Alex Horley cover art from the January 2003 issue for next years calendar. They should be available late this summer. As soon as they come in, signed copies will be available here.


A one hour special coming to VH1! I was invited to be one of the expert commentators by the producers of this new special about comics and pop culture. I did a two hour interview session with three costume changes and the crew came to the recent Wizard East Show in PA. The show is going to be great and very entertaining featuring everyone from the Romitas, Kevin Smith and me. Show is set to start running the end of June and run throughout the summer. As soon as we have the date the show will make it's debut we will post it here.

Spook Show: 
Rob Zobie commissioned Alex Horley to paint a cover of his new comic series.  Alex and wanted to put a modern twist on the classic pulp
styles.  Rob loved the cover so much he decided to make it his own on
first site. Visit my Alex Horley Gallery to view the full image of the painting.

New Poster
See the home page for special offer!
We just signed a new contract with Heavy Metal to turn the cover art from the January 2003 into a poster. As soon as they are available we will let you know.

Coming Soon to the Cover of Heavy Metal Magazine
The "Glen Keeper" is coming to the November 2003 Issue of Heavy Metal Magazine! - I am always thrilled when my new covers get published. This one is even more exciting as it is the first time I will have two Heavy Metal covers in one year! This issue will also feature the debut of the "RED STACY" statue along with special offers only for Heavy Metal readers. Issue will be available everywhere October 2003.

The Glen Keeper image was also published in Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine as well as a limited edition lithograph available here.

See the home page for special offer!

The Glen Keeper

New Character
I have just finished posing for Alex Horley for new character Bling Bling who will take on LOBO in the new DC COMICS mini-series comng out this summer. She is a great character in an amazing new story from Keith Giffen and the art by Horley is fantastic! I will post the image as soon as DC gives the approval. Can't wait for you to see this one!

This is the cover for issue #3 on stands in August!

Cover Issue #4 available everywhere in November

HBO - I was also recently chosen to be part of a review team on the X-Men 2 movie for HBO. Segment started running last weekend so keep your eyes open for it. HBO is promoting that they are the chosen network to release the movie for cable sometime next year.

ARTCORE Magazine for the Relentless Erotic -
mg/publishing is taking Art Fantastix on step beyond into the world of erotic art and entertainment. "ARTCORE" is a brand new international book series representing the best erotic fine art, comics, editorial features, the erotic side of Manga, editorial features and photographic layouts of a select group of models. Each issue is 96 full color pages. The first issue is out now and I have been chosen for a 10 PAGE LAYOUT it the second issue due out later this summer. The publishers have done a great job putting this new magazine together. As soon as I have the release date we will post it here. Autograph copies will be available for purchase as well.

Issue 1

Issue 2
Available November 3

The band SHAMELESS asked to use the photo of me and my iceman guitar for the cover of their new CD UNDRESSED An Unmasked Tribute to KISS. They will use an additional photo from that set for advertising. For more information about the CD visit http://www.rsrtribute.com or www.shamelessrock.com. Tell them Stacy sent you!


New art from The Brothers Hildebrandt
Greg and Tim Hildebrandt have started a series of religious art projects including new illustrated versions of the Bible. I was recently cast for the image of Eve. The illustrations will start with the creation of Adam, life in Eden including the famous apple scene, life outside Eden and the birth of their sons. Visit the Brothers Hildebrandt Gallery in the Fantasy Art section of my site to view the story as it unfolds.


Heavy Metal 25 Years of Classic Covers
This new art book is spectacular! It features a hard cover and 112 pages with over 280 covers by the world's greatest fantasy artists. Not only was it a thrill to have all the covers from the magazine from the past 25 years compiled into one book, but to have my image featured on six of them! Visit the Heavy Metal Gallery in the Fantasy art section to view the pages my covers are featured on. Visit my mall to buy your copy and get all six pages signed by me.


Fallen Angel Poster
Heavy Metal just released a new series of posters from past covers. Fallen Angel is now available signed by me and artist Alex "Horley" Orlandelli.
Visit my mall to get yours. Poster is 18x24.


Fallen Angel Laser-Mat
Special Matted Art Transparency is the second in a series. The image has been printed on specially treated mylar and matted with buffered acid-free matboard. This process is truly unique and the result is spectacular. Print is 8x10 and is a limited edition of 500. You can purchase it now in my mall signed by me and artist Alex Horley..
Visit my mall to get yours.


Red Stacy Tapestry
This spectacular new piece is 100% woven cotton and measures 5.7 ft. x 4.4 Ft. The ideal piece for the ultimate collector.
Visit my mall to order yours.


Coming soon. My first work with artist ROWENA. Rowena Morrill is one of the most respected and successful female fantasy artists. Known for her polished, sensuous portrayals of fairytale worlds and their creatures, heroic warriors, exotic women and exquisite monsters. I have been a long time fan of her work and I am very excited to be working with her.

Heavy Metal 2003 Calendar.
This years calendar will feature the Fallen Angel art by Alex "Horley" Orlandelli that appeared on the September 2001 issue. As soon as they are available we will post it here. You will be able to by copies signed by me and Alex.

Cleavage is coming to American TV!

We were just notified that the A&E Network will air the show on DECEMBER 10, 2002 from 9-11 ET/PT.

December 11th at 1:00 am EST/PST
December 15th at 12:00 pm EST/PST

Future rebroadcasts are likely as well- for more information, go to the website: www.aande.com/tv/shows/cleavage.

A documentary being filmed by UK based World of Wonder Ltd. In early December of 2001 the film company arrived at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in NYC to interview Pin-up expert Louis K. Meisel. Mr. Meisel's Gallery host one of the most breathtaking collections of classic and modern pin-up art. When he showed them the new pin-up art by Greg Hildebrandt they went crazy over it and asked if he would participate in the filming as well. They went further to ask if he could bring along two of his models to be interviewed. I was one of the two models they chose to represent pin-ups for the 21st century. At this time the show is only scheduled to run in the UK on one of their major networks. Many of their shows get picked up by stations in the USA and it is my hope that you will all get the opportunity to view it in the coming year. I will keep you posted. To see more photos from the shoot visit the press and media section in the free area of the site.



Check out the cover for January of 2003

Inter Galactic Police Force.
This painting will be the cover for the January 2003 Issue and will be available everywhere in November!

Please visit the Alex Horley Gallery in the fantasy art section to view the larger image.


Available Everywhere Starting September 20th!
Gene Simmons
has decided to do a feature story on me in an up-coming issue of his new magazine GENE SIMMONS TONGUE. After reestablishing a working relationship with Gene over the past year, he realized I had an ideal story for the magazine. It was working in the KISS NY office which gave me the inspiration to follow my dream into illustrated fantasy and I am thrilled that I will be able to tell my story in the pages of "Tongue". For more details visit www.genesimmonstongue.com!

The second issue of Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine. Click Here to find out how to get your copy signed by Stacy!



On Stands Now

The latest addition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Issue Number 888 dated January 31, 2002 with No Doubt on the cover. Page 14features this great shot of me with my music hereo Paul Stanley. Don't miss
the chance to get your copy.


Major News Flash
I have been chosen for an up-coming issue of STUFF Magazine. I do not have the exact issue and release date at this time so check back soon. As soon has we have nailed down all the exact information it will be posted here first. In true STUFF form it will prove to be highly creative and very sexy.

History of the Cleavage
A documentary being filmed by UK based World of Wonder Ltd. In early December of 2001 the film company arrived at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in NYC to interview Pin-up expert Louis K. Meisel. Mr. Meisel's Gallery host one of the most breathtaking collections of classic and modern pin-up art. When he showed them the new pin-up art by Greg Hildebrandt they went crazy over it and asked if he would participate in the filming as well. They went further to ask if he could bring along two of his models to be interviewed. I was one of the two models they chose to represent pin-ups for the 21st century. At this time the show is only scheduled to run in the UK on one of their major networks. Many of their shows get picked up by stations in the USA and it is my hope that you will all get the opportunity to view it in the coming year. I will keep you posted.

Gene Simmons once again asked me to put together a group of KISS Girls to be part of an in-store signing at Tower Records in NYC on December 5 to celebrate the release of the new KISS Box Set. I was also asked to recommend a KISS tribute band to also help promote the event. I was happy to tell them about my friends in KISSNATION based here in NYC. We were very lucky as it was a record 70 Degrees that day and we were able to spend over an hour of time greeting the fans and taking photos with them as many had been there on line since 5 am. We had a blast! Model/ Flight attendant Jennifer Tyrcha took on the roll of Peter and Entertainer Diana LoMoro played an amazing Gene Simmons. It was great fun to work with Gene as always and very exciting to see Paul again after many years. Here a just a few photos from the event. More will be added to the KISS section of the site next month.

News Flash
On Sunday June 3rd I received a call from Gene Simmons of KISS asking me to take part in a small press tour he was doing in New York City. I love to do press so I jumped at the chance. He also said I could invite a few friends to take part. I had model Manon Kelley and my friend Denise Deluka come along on different days. We all met Monday night at his Hotel for dinner and to go over the plan for the next two days. We were to help promote the new KISS merchandise including the new exclusive KISS Kasket.
The morning of June 12 Denise and I went along to the Howard Stern Show with him. We did not get on the live radio show but we were on camera a great deal for the E Channel and hope to get good coverage when the show airs. Next it was off to CNN and then to the Javits Center in NYC for the Licensing Convention. Later it was off to the Jon Stewart Show on the Comedy Central Network which ran that night at 11:00 pm and we closed the show with Gene. Day two Manon and I and another model met at 8:00 am to get our KISS makeup on for the big day at the Licensing Show. It was so much fun. We created havoc at the center. We did tons of press including Rolling Stone Magazine and Blender Magazine. Rolling Stone now available. Issue #874 August 2, 2001 and features Radiohead on the cover. Check us out on page 13. We then helped out while he did a meet and greet with fans and headed back to the hotel to get the make up off and then off to a celebration dinner. It was a great experience and Gene was very generous introducing me to all kinds of business connections. Visit the KISS section of the site to view the photos from the event. Visit the press section to view the magazine and print coverage from the event.

Get those VCR's ready! I was asked to take part in a new series on VH1 called "Fan Club" A show that focus on a particular band and then finds fans whose life was directly influenced by that band. That band for me was the one and only KISS. Watch me talk about my days working in the Kiss New York office and how being there lead me to follow my dreams into illustrated fantasy. You will also catch a glimpse of me modeling for Greg Hildebrandt along with an interview of Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. View me and Countess Vladimira shopping for costumes in our favorite NYC store "Religious Sex" For me this is one of the greatest opportunities I have ever been asked to take part in. I finally get to tell the masses how much Kiss played a part in making my dreams come true and publically thank them for it. Visit the Press Section of my site to see articles and photos from the event.

Check out the VH1 Website
For further information and future dates the show will be running

Heavy Metal Magazine- September 2001 Issue NOW AVAILABLE!
Cover is a spectacular creation called "Fallen Angel" by Alex Horley. The issue also includes my third four page feature gallery within the magazine. See art by Greg Hildebrandt, Rafa Garres, Dorian,Dave DeVries, Boris, The Brothers Hildebrandt and additonal works by Alex Horley. Read from the artists themselves what they like so much about working with me. Heavy Metal did an outstanding job with the layout and you won't want to miss it. Visit the Alex Horley gallery in the fantasy art section of my site to view the full image of the cover art.

The Works & Visions of Dorian Cleavanger
Now you can own a collection of some of Dorian's greatest works. Book contains 95 images, introduction, biography, step by step "creating a painting" by Dorian and a complete commentary on each piece. Printed in full color on glossy stock paper. I am so proud to have one of my favorite paintings "Thorne" featured as the back cover. Supplies are limited so visit www.dorianart.com to get your autographed copy.


Heavy Metal 2002 Calendar - NOW AVAILABLE!
Heavy Metal decided to choose the art from some of their most popular covers for the next calendar. I am pleased to report it will feature the cover art from two of my past issues. From the Jan. 98 issue - Torpedoes On Planet Pink by Julie Bell and from my March 2000 issue, the art by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. Go To My Mall to Get yours Now!


Romance Calendar 2002 - NOW AVAILABLE
Romance cover artists Cherif Fortin and Lynn Sanders will have their first feature calendar and will feature some of the wonderful work we have done together along with some of their most popular pieces from Passion's Blood not to mention some previously unpublished images. Release date will be sometime in the summer of 2001. Visit my mall to get your autographed copy.

Wizard World.com
I am one of the models chosen by WizardWorld.com to be featured in a series of ads to run in various publications to promote the comic babes section of their site. Check out the computer illustrators gallery to view the full image created by Dan Drake. See the ad in the May and June issues of Wizard Magazine, Inquest Magazine and Toyfare Magazine.
Visit Wizard World.com

First Tee-Shirt
From Comic Images "Thorne" by Dorian Cleavenger. I know this is a favorite of so many of you.

NOW AVAILABLE! Go to my Mall to get yours

Second T-shirt
From Graphitti Designs Featuring the painting "Red Stacy" by Alex Horley. Alex and I are both thrilled to be working with Graphitti and hope this will be a first in a series of projects.

NOW AVAILABLE! Go to my Mall to get yours

Dracula Poster
Dynamic Forces is currently doing a special poster series based on the classic universal monster series. Artist Alex Horley was chosen to paint Dracula and his maidens. He asked me to pose for two of them and I arranged for my fellow models Roxanne Michaels and Countess Vladimira to pose for the others. Baron from the gothic band Vasaria stepped in for Dracula. Visit the Alex Horley Gallery to view the full image.

Night Fire Poster
Just released from leading distributor Scorpio posters. This Brother's Hildebrandt painting continues to be one of my most popular images and now you can have it in this outstanding 24x36 poster. Go to my mall to get yours today!

Now available from the artist Monte Moore. Maidens Art Book Part 2. Visit www.mavarts.com to get yours.

First Knife
This new set of collector's knives includes works by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. This set includes "Torpedoes on Planet Pink", one of my favorite illustrations I have posed for. Visit the Boris and Julie gallery in the Fantasy art section of the site to view this image larger.


"Warrior Lamp" - Available now at a mall near you. Spencer Gifts has a fantasy art collection based on the art of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Spencer's has done a wonderful job turning select paintings into spectacular sculptured 3 - dimentional art. They have taken the art from my favorite Boris painting I posed for in the 1999 calendar called "Teefa" and turned it into a combination statue/lamp they call "Warrior". T his is an outstanding piece to add to your collections. They are limited editions so get to Spencer Gifts and get yours! Visit the Boris and Julie Gallery on my site to view photos of the lamp.


On Stands Now

Cover of Lakota dawn by Janelle Taylor (Romance Novel)- Hard Cover Only

Cover of the Bridegroom by Joan Johnston (Romance Novel)

Julie Bell "Soft as Steel" Art Book - Featured Painting "Torpedoes on Planet Pink"

Boris Vallejo "Dreams" Art Book - So many of you have written how much you love the painting
"Teefa". Now is your chance to own it. It is featured in his new book.

Ladies - Re-issued! Now is your chance to get this beautiful book filled with amazing painted art and sketches by Boris along with some wonderful stories written by Doris Vallejo. If you missed it the first time, you won't want to miss your chance now.


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