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Profile:Model/Actress/Singer/Dancer/Character Creator, Story Developer
Birthday: February 6th
Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: New York City
Hobbies: Movies, Collect Music, Barbie Dolls, Mermaids, Studying all forms of dance, Beach, Lying Naked on the Beach, Ocean, Boats, Motorcycles


As the leading figure model for major fantasy, science fiction and romance publications, Stacy E. Walker has achieved unparalleled success that has captivated fans and admirers around the globe. From covers of some of the hottest magazines to appearances at prominent promotional tours, Stacy's beautiful looks, powerful talents and unique image have created a new phenomenon in the pop culture world. Media coverage soon followed. Stacy has appeared on TV, magazines and newspapers in the US, Brazil, Italy, France and Japan. She has also been part of several documentaries on various subjects for such networks as VH1, A&E, Discovery Channel, and the History Channel. Stacy was hand picked by rock and roll legend Gene Simmons to play a key role in the highly acclaimed press tour for KISS's edgy new product line including the "KISS Kasket," which garnered major media coverage in print, radio and television.


The relationship with KISS began when Stacy was in her teens. After completing high school, she went to work for the group in their New York City office and Simmons has supported her career ever since. The band's legendary ability to combine fantasy and business inspired Stacy, showing her that she too could find success by bringing her dreams to light. VH1 invited Stacy to be a part of a special documentary on KISS highlighting their major contribution to the music world. She would go on to participate in two additional programs for the network.


Stacy's work in fantasy art illustration began with posing for art icon Boris Vallejo and shortly thereafter posing for the equally talented Julie Bell. These dynamic collaborations led to book covers, trading cards, calendars, tee shirts and sculptures; which the experts in the field consider to be collectibles of high value.


A Stacy E. Walker explosion occurred and she has become the most sought-after model for an array of illustrators. Her image has been used to portray some of the hottest and most beloved characters in the comic book and video game industry. These images have graced the covers of countless comics, graphic novels, calendars, art books and magazines. In 1992 she made her fist appearance on the cover of the leading fantasy illustration magazine Heavy Metal to an overwhelming response from readers. The May 2005 issue marks her tenth cover, which has become an annual event for the publication. Heavy Metal has also produced a series of posters, a statue and a calendar is due for 2007.


Stacy inspired renowned artists Greg and Tim Hildebrandt for the creation of the character Cythonna who appeared in the graphic novel Superman: Last God of Krypton published by DC Comics.
Next she appeared as new character "Bling Bling" in the highly anticipated "Lobo Unbound". A six issue mini series also published by DC Comics. The production studios of Gentle Giant and McFarlane Design Group, have each taken three-dimensional body scans of Stacy in a variety of action poses. Their toy and gaming departments then use these scans when creating and developing their product lines.


Veteran comic artist George Perez has just announced plans for a special series called "Cover Girl" Perez was so inspired by the strong Stacy E. Walker image that he wanted to create a special project just for her. The artist has designed four dynamic images from the genre and will be presented in full color cover art style and specially packaged. In addition, Marvel Comics recently cast her as an official spokes model to portray several of their characters for up-coming trade shows and special events.


Through her high profile work in the sci-fi fantasy illustration, Stacy soon caught the eye of top romance novel illustrators including the industries top artist cover-king Pino Daeni. In addition, she also started a series of projects with illustrators Fortin & Sanders. Stacy and model/photographer Cherif Fortin became regulars in the pages of Romantic Times magazine and were voted hottest duo by their readers. Together they have appeared on several novel covers and calendars.


Stacy's presence on the world wide web has made her an internet sensation not only getting major hits with thousands of members, but is drawing a huge customer base for all merchandise that displays her image. This lead to various licensing deals and the Stacy E. Walker Fantasy Product line was launched. This includes limited edition posters, lithographs, t-shirts, statues and even a wall tapestry. She has also teamed up with a hot new designer on a line of artistic handbags that were all the rage at recent convention appearances. Plans are being made to mass market their unique creations in the coming year.


Looking ahead Stacy E. Walker's calendar is packed with guest star stints at comic, sci-fi and romance conventions across the country. She is also currently collaborating with artist Alex "Horley" Orlandelli, one of today's most popular illustrators impacting the fantasy art genre to bring visual life to both her innovative and elaborate ideas. This includes graphic novels, calendars, video games and high-end collectibles. They share a passionate vision of art and imagination that has put their collaborations in high demand amongst licensors and collectors around the world. The duo is in the development stages of several fantasy based series and will seek projection through animation, stop motion, live action as well as printed and on-line comics. Stacy is also an accomplished actress and has studied the craft for years. She is currently putting the finishing touches on a treatment for a weekly entertainment news show devoted to everything connected to the comic, video game, fantasy and sci-fi industry.


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